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Role: Animation* and Composition*.
*Shared with others
Animation made for Google Play Store.

Role: Modeling, Rigging, Animation, Shading, Render, Effects and Composition.

Client: Google

Opening of a brazilian TV comedy series called Tapas & Beijos (Slaps & Kisses) made by THE KUMITE for the TV channel Globo.

Role: Pre-production Animatic*, Animation*, Cloth Simulation, Visual Effects and Scene Assemble*.
*Shared with others

Client: Globo
Copyright: The Kumite

I started this at The Kumite, when we all decided to take a day off in the studio to participate and produce a good work in a short period of time.

As part of exercise, we all started from the same base mesh, but each one took a different workflow to finish it. In my case I did a quickly rig in Softimage to pose the character. Then I started to modeling the cloths in the "T-Pose" and the props of the scene, using the Gator to transfer the envelopes in realtime. Next I did the hair and the mustache. For last, the render and the composition.

Our team produced lots of concepts and four finished pieces.
Also I would like to thank Danilo Silveira for the presentation layout he did to our illustrations.

CGMeetUP Minion Contest.

The Artists (and the other Minions)

André Holzmeister (Buzz Lightyear)
Danilo Silveira (Layout Presentation)
Marco Melantonio (Einstein)
Moises Gomes (Mario Bros)
Vinicius Barros (Concepts)

Thanks to The Kumite for the iniciative.

TV Spot of the Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos.

Role: 3D Animation, VFX*
*Shared with others

Client: Samsung
Copyright: The Kumite/CUBOCC
Projection made for the Axe [Lynx] Club event in the carnival of Salvador, Brazil (2013). This one was animated with particle instances using Softimage ICE.

Role: Concept*, Animation, Shading, Render, Effects and Composition*.

*Shared with others

A total of ten animations were produced and projected in the wall bellow, with eleven meters of width and four meters of height and specially constructed for this event.

Some photos from the event taken from the Axe fan page.

Client: Unilever
Copyright CUBOCC
A collection of my work as 3d Generalist in the last three years, mainly at CUBOCC**. Some projects were produced as freelancer. My participation in each project was described below.

00:00 Camera Mapping and Animation from Damian Scott Photo
00:06 Rigging, Animation and Fire Simulation
00:11 Rigging and Animation*
00:14 Mouth Rigging and Animation
00:17 Characters Modeling*, Texturing*, Rigging and Animation, Scene Assemble*
00:21 Rigging and Animation*
00:23 Rigging, Animation and Render*
00:25 Low Poly Modeling, Texturing, Rigging and Animation
00:30 Rigging and Animation*
00:32 Rigging and Animation*
00:34 Rigging, Animation and Render*
00:37 Simulation
00:40 Low Poly Modeling, Texturing, Rigging and Animation
00:44 Mouth Rigging and Animation
00:46 Modeling, Rigging, Animation and Render
00:50 Animation, Fire Simulation, Render and Composition
00:52 Rigging, Animation and Smoke Simulation
00:56 Rigging* and Animation*
00:59 Rigging, Animation* and Render*
01:03 Rigging and Animation*
01:05 Rigging and Animation*
01:09 Character Animation*
01:13 Animation
01:16 Character Rigging and Animation
01:19 Characters Modeling*, Texturing*, Rigging and Animation, Scene Assemble*
01:23 Rigging and Animation*
01:26 Water, Splash and Foam Simulation. Ship animation.
01:30 Animation
01:33 Rigging and Main Character Animation
01:35 Rigging and Animation
01:41 Rigging, Animation*

*Shared with others
**Copyright CUBOCC

Gênio da Bola (Genius of the Ball) was a quiz game for facebook. Several animation clips were produced for the character reactions according with the answer of the player.
The game is part of a campaign of Liberty Seguros, the Official Sponsor of the 2014 FIFA World Cup™.

Role: Rigging, Animation*

*Shared with others

Client: Liberty Seguros
Copyright CUBOCC
Illustration for Rexona Teens Contest, where the winner would record a clip on MTV.

Role: Rigging, Pose, Shading*, Render Setup* and part of Modeling*.

*Shared with others.

Client: Rexona Teens
Copyright CUBOCC
Part of an experimental project created by Raquel Falkenbach.

Role: modeling, texturing, animation, simulation and render.